About Us

We are Wholesale multi-vendor buying and selling platform for independent sellers and buyers.  We are business to business, B2B, and business to consumer, B2C platform.  We are business, individuals, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, auctioneers, and many more.

We are committed to helping our platform users reach their dreams and goals, by providing a platform that is safe and highly secured for all our users.  As a unique multi-vendors’ platform, we are aimed at cutting down high cost of selling fees for our sellers, compare to exorbitant selling  charges provided by other multi-vendor platforms.  With this, we have made it reasonable for our vendors to sell faster, make better profits due to low selling fees, reduce delay payment, making it possible for our buyers to save money,  reduce global shipping problems,  reduce language barriers, and many more.

We are business to business, B2B, and business to consumer, B2C platform.  In our platform, the users decide how they sell, either as wholesale in bulk, or as retail, or both; depending on their checkout roles.

For safer transactions, we have employed the services of various secured payments for our users. Also, to ensure that the actual products are delivered, and services are offered without any complications, we are using various payment methods like escrow service and many others.

In addition, we have partnered with other service providers to make sure that our buyers have various acceptable methods of payment on their preferred currencies and methods.

Therefore, you are privileged to be part of our highly celebrated and highly honored community.

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